Hi-Tech Wicking Lightweight Headwrap

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Hydro-Tech fabric keeps you dry and comfortable through all kinds of activities and weather conditions. It moves moisture away from inside layers next to the skin to the outer layer where it quickly evaporates. The dimpled construction insures a breathable and lightweight product for perfect for helmet wear or any high-octane activity. No sweat!

  • Hydro-Tech fabric is made in the USA
  • Wicking properties won’t wash out
  • Easy care, machine wash
  • Unisex

✪ Upgrade your Wrap by adding a Stay Put WrapSure™ Sweatband.

Velcro-Like Patented Fabric

WrapSure™ is a revolutionary patented self-fastening fabric. Soft and adjustable carefree full head coverage. It features:

  • Soft fabric that works like Velcro but isn’t stiff or scratchy
  • Superior fit and holding power
  • Machine wash often to minimize lint to maintain best adhesion
  • Made of durable polyester that will not fray